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2022 Speaker Policy

Speaker Policy

All authors/speakers are expected to present in person.

If the author/speaker can not present in person, the speaker is responsible for finding an alternative speaker that can present in person (a co-author is recommended).

  • If an alternative speaker can not be found, then the pre-recorded video will be played onsite.
  • At least one author/speaker on all presentations must register and pay the necessary fees, even if none of the speakers can present in person. 

Pre-Recorded Video Requirements

  • Pre-recorded videos are required for all authors.
  • Pre-recorded videos are optional for tutorial, keynote, and panel speakers.

Important Dates:

  1. October 21: Video Preparation Instructions will be available on the conference website
  2. November 1: Video Preparation Instructions will be emailed to all authors/speakers 
  3. November 7: Video Upload Instructions will be emailed to all authors/speakers
  4. November 14: Pre-Recorded Video Submission Deadline (HARD deadline – no extensions)