DVCon Europe 2022 Recipients

Best Paper


A Generic Configurable Error Injection Agent for On-Chip Memories
Authors: Anil Deshpande – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Niharika Sachdeva – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Arjun Suresh Kumar – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Damandeep Saini – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Ravi Teja Gopagiri – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Somasunder KS – Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Centre(SSIR)
Jaechul Park – Samsung Electronics, Korea

Best Poster


A Novel Approach to Expedite Verification Cycle using an Adaptive and Performance Optimized Simulator Independent Verification Platform Development
Authors: Harshal Kothari
Vinay Swargam
Sriram Kazhiyur Sounderrajan
Somasunder Kattepura Sreenath

DVCon Europe 2021 Recipients

Best Paper


Testbench Flexibility as a Foundation for Success
Authors: Ana Sanz Carretero – Xilinx 
Katherine Garden – Xilinx 
Wei Wei Cheong – Xilinx 

Best Poster


An Analysis of Stimulus Techniques for Efficient Functional Coverage Closure
Authors: Caglayan Yalcin – Qualcomm
Aileen McCabe – Qualcomm 

DVCon Europe 2020 Recipients

Best Paper


Clock Controller Unit Design Metrics: Area, Power, Software flexibility and Congestion Impacts at System Level
Authors: Michele Chilla – Qualcomm
Leonardo Gobbi – Qualcomm

Best Poster


Formal Verification Experiences: Silicon Bug Hunt with “Deep Sea Fishing”
Authors: Ping Yeung – Siemens
Mark Handover – Siemens
Abdel Ayari – Siemens

DVCon Europe 2019 Recipient

Best Paper


5.2 Portable Stimuli Over UVM, Using Portable Stimuli in HW Verification Flow
Authors: Efrat Shneydor – Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Slava Salnikov – Ben-Gurion University & Bengal Engineering & Science University
Liran Kosovizer – Texas Instruments
Shlomo Greenberg – Ben Gurion University

DVCon Europe 2018 Recipient

Best Paper


12.1: Using Constraints for SystemC AMS Design and Verification
Authors: Thilo Vörtler, Karsten Einwich – COSEDA Technologies
Muhammad Hassan – DFKI
Daniel Grosse – University of Bremen & DFKI GmbH

DVCon Europe 2017 Recipient

Best Paper


3.2: Between the Dialog and the Algorithm or Innovative Technological Narratives Leveraging the Idea of Authenticity in a Human Being
Authors: Hagai Arbel, Anna M. Ravitzki, and Uri Feigin – Vtool Ltd

DVCon Europe 2016 Recipient

Best Paper


6.3: Complete Formal Verification of a Family of Automotive DSPs
Authors: Rafal A. Baranowski & Marco Trunzer – Robert Bosch GmbH

DVCon Europe 2015 Recipients

Best Paper


TA1.1: Is Your Testing N-wise or Unwise? Pairwise and N-wise Patterns in SystemVerilog for Efficient Test Configuration and Stimulus
Authors: Jonathan Bromley, Kevin Johnston – Verilab

Best Poster


P1.4: UVM and Emulation: How To Get Your Ultimate Testbench Acceleration Speed-up
Authors: Ahmed Yehia, Hans Van der Schoot – Mentor Graphics

DVCon Europe 2014 Recipients

Best Paper


UVM Ready: Transitioning Mixed-Signal Verification Environments to Universal Verification Methodology
Author: Arthur Freitas – Freescale Semiconductor

Best Poster


Understanding the Effectiveness of your System-Level SoC Stimulus Suite
Author: Robert Fredieu – Mentor Graphics