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The DVCon Europe Summer Break and the prep of the "Move Faster" panel

Published on Saturday, July 7th, 2018
Paul Nottingham DVCon Europe Panel Chair

In Europe the summer holiday season has just started. San Francisco DAC 2018 is now behind us, the sun is shining across Europe and people are starting to become focussed on where they will go for vacation with their families.

October in Munich may seem like it’s far away, but it isn’t so distant. On the DVCon Europe Steering Board, we are all busy putting all the pieces together that make DVCon Europe such an interesting and complete event.

One of those is of course the panel session for this year. Over the years, between the different DVCon events in Europe and worldwide, we’ve covered many different topics, with a wide range of panellists. This has included the challenges of big data, expanding verification budgets, and safety critical systems.

This year we want to do something similar, yet very different!  For those who attended DVCon Europe 2017, you may recall the keynote from Mr. Hellenthal of Audi – he described the challenges facing the car industry – shrinking development cycles, increased levels of system integration etc., and he threw a challenge out those in the automotive semiconductor supply chain – help the automotive industry to bring the hardware/software virtualisation approach that we have seen at the component level, to the entire car. 

So in listening to the automotive OEM, that’s exactly what we plan to discuss on the second day of the conference – how the semiconductor industry could raise a level to support a new automotive development process, with more modelling, less physical prototyping, better software earlier, easier access to models and IP etc.

So far we have Audi, Siemens, Infineon, and Bosch confirmed on the panel, and we are seeking participation of some other key players in this industry. It’s our ambition that DVCon Europe should help the Automotive industry to collaborate and drive faster (if you’ll pardon the pun) in new and desirable directions.  I look forward to seeing you all there. In the mean-time, enjoy your summer vacations.