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The Future is Embedded! Join SystemC Evolution Day 2019.

Published on Thursday, June 6th, 2019
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Oliver Bell DVCon Europe 2020 Vice Chair

This year on October 31 we celebrate not only Halloween, but also the 4th edition of the Accellera SystemC Evolution Day, again collocated with DVCon Europe. SystemC Evolution Day (SCED) offers a unique opportunity to exchange, learn from peers in the industry and also influence the future direction of the SystemC standard.

The idea of SCED was born in 2015, where industry enthusiasts came together during DVCon Europe for a SystemC Birds of a Feather (BoF) meeting to discuss about how to improve the SystemC Modelling. Given the big interest from industry experts on advanced system modelling and standardization, it became clear that a 60-minute BoF session is not enough.

Therefore, the DVCon Europe Steering Committee members established in 2016 a full-day technical workshopon the evolution of SystemC standards to advance and enrich the SystemC eco-system.  In several in-depth sessions, selected current and future standardization topics around SystemC are being discussed in order to accelerate progress for inclusion in Accellera/IEEE standards.  Since last year SCED is conveniently collocated with DVCon Europe.  

Meantime embedded software becoming a key differentiator in many products. Emergingapplications domains like next generation automotive, 5G and cloudification of everything drive the complexity of todays embedded systems, which will be further enhanced by AI and machine learning. 

In consequence the need of system modelling using standards such as SystemC is growing in an order of magnitude and it’s great to see that SCED is addressing that need.

We appreciate your contributions around activities in the different SystemC Working Groups (e.g. AMS, TLM, CCI, VWG) and previous SCEDs. More information can be found at the Accellera website: http://www.accellera.org/news/events/systemc-evolution-day-2019

Looking forward to meeting you in person, October 31, 2019at the Holiday Inn Munich City Centre Hotel for the next Accellera SystemC Evolution Day and also DVCon Europe on October 29-30!