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Join the Tutorial Day at DVCon Europe 2019

Published on Monday, October 28th, 2019
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Ola Dahl SystemC Evolution Day Chair

Tuesday October 29th is Tutorial Day at DVCon Europe 2019. Join us for a diverse and interesting program covering RISC-V compliance and integrity, EDA workflows using IP-XACT, design patterns and UVM with SystemC and how to design good UVM Sequences, safety in automotive with ISO 26262, certified RTOS and handling of hard and soft errors, mixed-signal workflows, formal with QED, machine learning with open source and HLS in virtual prototyping and transportation, 5G, and software and hardware for drones. 

In the RISC-V area we have a tutorial on ISA compliance and verification, highlighting the difference between design verification and compliance testing. We also have a RISC-V tutorial covering aspects beyond the ISA, such as integrity, security, and formal verification. 

Related to formal, we have a tutorial on QED and Symbolic QED, with information related to pre-silicon verification as well as post-silicon validation. 

Continuing in verification, we have a tutorial on design patterns for environment, stimulus, and analysis. We also have a UVM-SystemC tutorial on functional coverage and constrained randomization, with usage of open source libraries, and a tutorial on how to design good sequences for UVM, with sequence library guidelines and recommendations for improving verification productivity. 

Workflows in EDA are covered in a tutorial on Mixed-signal, where it is demonstrated how different tools for verification and verification management can be combined, aiming for a mixed-signal verification signoff, and in a tutorial on IP-XACT, where it is illustrated how IP-XACT can be used for individual models and for an EDA workflow with code and document generation, and version handling for different kinds of IPs. 

Safety and security are covered in a tutorial on Pre-silicon hw/sw co-development, where concurrent SoC and software development is illustrated, using EDA tools to achieve a shift left effect, and in a tutorial on automotive safety, where hard and soft error approaches are described, and demonstrated. We also have a safety and security aspect in a tutorial covering safety verification in ISO 26262 for SoC and IP verification, with automotive-unique challenges and usage of failure mode effect analysis, formal methods, and fault injection. 

Machine learning is covered in a tutorial on virtual prototypes for design and SoC integration of deep learning accelerators, but also in a tutorial using an open source library for performance verification of embedded inferencing systems, and in a tutorial on system design and verification for transportation, with discussions of ISO 26262 as well as HLS and emulation. 

Communication systems, in the form of 5G, are discussed in a tutorial where the new 3GPP standards, covering mobile broadband but also industrial automation and vehicle communication, are discussed. 

Last, but not least, we have a tutorial on software and drones, with information about the technology, the software development ecosystem, and a hands-on demo experience.