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Don’t miss the SystemC Evolution Day

Welcome to the 6th SystemC Evolution Day, adjacent to DVCon Europe 2021!  Organized as virtual event, like past year, we’re enabling remote participants from all over the world attending the two blocks of interesting presentations.    

The registration, which is required but free of charge, is done through the DVCon Europe website. 

The SystemC Evolution Day starts at 0830 CEST, with an introduction, followed by two presentations, on threads in SystemC (fork and join) and multi-core debugger integration. 

At 1100, we will have a presentation/discussion on topics related to the SystemC community (users, Accellera stakeholders, tools and services providers), covering Git HubForums, and Web Sites, such as the newly (re-)opened systemc.org

At 1200, we have an update on ongoing work in the SystemC-related Accellera Working Groups

We end the morning sessions with a Q&A, after which we reconvene (those who want, of course) in a virtual world, where we can meet and talk (as avatars!) in a set of rooms, set up and used also in the DVCon Europe conference. 

The afternoon sessions start at 1600, with a presentation on SystemC in hybrid simulations. These are simulations where different domain-specific simulators, in domains such as EDA, Automotive, and Industrial, are connected, and where there is a need to harmonize interfaces and APIs between the different simulators.  

The last presentation, starting at 1700, is about HLS, and its relation to SystemC and SystemC standards

We end the day with a summary and a concluding discussion. 

Welcome, and hoping to virtual-meet you on October 28th!