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DVCon Europe 2021 – Preview & Spoilers

Within the DVCon Europe steering committee, excitement has really risen as the conference is just a month away. With the conference being virtual, learning from the experience of last year, we have totally revamped the virtual experience rooms; designing it from scratch to enable an awesome and seamless conference experience.

As last year, we have the virtual platform in two forms: the conflux platform (2D based) and the virtual experience rooms (3D virtual reality based), which are both tightly integrated with each other. While the basic functionality of the 3D platform is similar to last year, there are various new features which we hope will make the experience more engaging. Not least, the beautiful setting!

So, register now, get your avatars ready and meet us there in the conference.

Apart from the fantastic virtual platform, we have a full program of 4 keynotes, 2 panel, 24 papers, 13 tutorials and 13 poster presentations. We will also have our co-located event, the SystemC Evolution Day on the third day of conference, that is the 28th Oct.

The keynotes from leaders in the industry match the aim of the conference: to bring hardware and software engineers together. With topics ranging from autonomous driving, the growing need for virtualization given the complex embedded software in automotive electronics and the future of hardware innovations for AI systems, our keynote speakers will set out their vision and path for the future.

DVCon Europe is a great place for knowledge sharing and with the highly technical tutorials, panels, papers and posters, this event is a must-attend for all design and verification engineers across the industry globally. Participants will keep abreast of the latest technology trends, standards, methodologies, tools, and EDA solutions. Another very important aspect of DVCon Europe is recognizing the best ideas, innovative solutions, and new verification approaches from our engineering community. The highly prestigious DVCon Europe best paper and best poster awards are given each year and propelling the winning engineers providing them with industry level recognition. Stay tuned in to find out who will win these awards this year, and as a participant, don’t forget to vote for the best paper and poster you see!!

Finally, I would like to thank all the authors, presenters, panelists, reviewers, and committee members for their work to shape an interesting and high-quality program.

Written By:
Sumit Jha
General Chair

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