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DVCon Europe 2022 Keynote Speakers

By Oliver Bell and Jakob Engblom

The program for DVCon Europe 2022 is coming together. The paper presentations and tutorials are being finalized as we write this, but the keynotes are already set. DVCon Europe has a great track record of industrial speakers, and this year is no exception. There are two themes to the keynotes for 2022: connectivity and mobility.


Magnus Östberg from Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart represents automotive, with his talk “Developing the Chip-to-Cloud Architecture for the Most Desirable Cars.” Automotive has emerged as a key growth area for semiconductors in recent years, as cars and other vehicles become “data centers on wheels”. This change requires re-architecting both the hardware and software from the ground up. Magnus will talk about the software strategy at Mercedes-Benz, with a focus on how they are focusing on their proprietary operating system “MB.OS” as the enabler to create digital luxury.

Axel Jahnke

Axel Jahnke from Nokia in Munich represents telecom, with his talk “Challenges in Soc Verification for 5G and Beyond.” Base stations for 5G (and beyond) require very complex chips, which in turn are driving verification challenges. Axel will discuss some of the approaches to overcoming these challenges, and the support needed from the EDA suppliers.

We’re looking forward for exciting keynotes from Magnus and Axel, and get their insight how the connected mobility story evolves! See you in Munich December 6-7 Munich!

Registration for DVCon Europe is open, at When you register, don’t forget to share it!