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Get your Avatar ready!

The 2020 edition of the Design and Verification Conference & Exhibition Europe is just a day away – the conference takes place on October 27-28, 2020.

But this isn’t a plain virtual conference where you sit in front of your computer watching video streams: DVCon Europe has moved into the 3D world. You can visit exhibition booths, discus with your colleagues in the hallways or have a chat with somebody at the coffee machine.

The virtual part of conference consist of 8 Virtual Experience Rooms, each assigned to a specific topic. In the rooms you will find the vendor booths, poster topics and of course coffee machines. When you enter the virtual world, you will need to select a main lobby. We have 8 main lobbies, to make your arrival as smooth as possible. In the main lobby you will find signs that guide you to the experience rooms. There is one lobby for each experience room, but each lobby links to 4 rooms. There are doors between the lobbies too. You’ll see, its fun!

In order to make full use of the Virtual Experience Rooms, you need to get your Avatar dressed. Details on how to do this can be found at our website. There are lots of options, from simple to really complex, so we invite you to play around before the conference.

Finally, I would like to thank all the authors, presenters, panelists, reviewers and committee members for their work to shape an interesting and high-quality program.

Joachim Geishauser

DVCon Europe 2020 General Chair