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Keynote Speakers at the 10th edition of DVCon Europe

By Oliver Bell and Martin Barnasconi

DVCon Europe has a great track record of presenting industry luminaries as keynote speakers, and for the 10th edition we will continue this excellent tradition.

I remember very well the first phone call with Martin back in 2013 and the excitement that we were going to have the unique opportunity to bring DVCon to Europe. Of course we wanted to establish this fantastic conference also for the European DV community!  For organization of the inaugural DVCon Europe there were many “firsts” to solve, one of them the question about the keynote speakers – the Steering Committee decided to invite speakers from industry to share their application know-how and inspire the audience.

At this anniversary event we are proud to present two great keynote sessions and speakers:  A keynote from the European supercomputer chip developer SiPearl and another keynote from the high performance and adaptive computing leader AMD.

Philippe Notton is the CEO and founder of SiPearl, the French company building the world’s first energy-efficient HPC-dedicated microprocessor designed to work with any third-party accelerator, whether that is a GPU, artificial intelligence or quantum chip. He will share his insights in “Energy-efficient High-Performance Compute at the Heart of Europe”.

This European initiative is a great match with the program and scope of DVCon Europe, and we are really happy to have Philippe presenting his vision and developments in this emerging area!

Our second keynote speaker is Michaela Blott. She is a Senior Fellow at AMD Research and leading a team of international scientists driving exciting research in computer architectures for AI, green AI, and agile compiler stacks. She will guide us through the fascinating landscape of AI systems and solutions in her keynote entitled “Pervasive and Sustainable AI with Adaptive Computing”.

We encourage you to visit the DVCon Europe website to read the abstracts and bios of Michaela and Philippe.

We’re looking forward to learning more from these exciting keynotes and gaining insights into how the advanced compute story evolves, with developing green HPC for complex AI workloads!

DVCon Europe 2023 brings together the chip industry in Munich on 14th and 15th November with industry speakers at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Beyond the keynote presentations, DVCon Europe’s technical sessions, tutorials and panels will provide a deep dive into various aspects of design and verification.  

From system-level verification to safety-critical design, and from verification for AI-based systems to the application of machine learning in EDA tools, stay ahead with the latest methodologies!

Registration for DVCon Europe is open, at When you register, don’t forget to share it within your network!

See you in Munich!

Oliver Bell, Keynote Chair

Martin Barnasconi, General Chair

Thank you to all of our great DVCon Europe keynote speakers over the last 10 years:


  • Magnus Oestberg, CTO & CSO Mercedes-Benz, Developing the Chip-to-Cloud Architecture for the Most Desirable Cars”
  • Axel Jahnke, R&D Director Nokia ,  ”Challenges in Soc Verification for 5G and Beyond”

2021 (Virtual)

  • Rashid Attar VP Engineering Qualcomm  5G, AI and Compute Platform Innovations for What’s Next”
  • Satish Sundaresan Elektrobit, “Take a leap: virtualization in future car development”
  • Andreas Riexinger Bosch GmbH , “The Mobility of the Future is Software defined – Can Open Technologies help?”  
  • Dr. Petra Farm, Tolpagorni Product Management AB, “Speed Layers: Managing the exponential change of technology”

2020 (Virtual)

  • Vicky Mitchell, Vice President Systems Engineering, ARM, The Benefits of Hardware DevOps”
  • Moshe Zalcberg, CEO, Veriest Solutions, “I Like Being Surrounded by Good Ideas: Any Good Ideas We Can Borrow From The Software World?”
  • Dr. Matthias Traub, Head of Architecture & Technologies, Volkswagen “Challenges of a Sustainable Innovative Automotive Computing Architecture”
  • Mike Mayberry, CTO, Intel  “The Future of Compute: Verification in the Era of Heterogeneous Design” 


  • Lars Reger, CTO at NXP Semiconductors, “Safe Computing at the Edge”
  • Preeti Nagarajan , Ericsson, Head of Strategy for Networks “Enabling Technologies and the Future of Network”


  • Stefan Jockusch, Siemens., “Driving Digitization with a Boundary Free Innovation Platform”
  • Philippe Magarshack, STMicroelectronics, “Accelerating IoT Device Development – from Silicon to Developer Tools”


  • Berthold Hellenthal, Audi AG, “Driving Virtual Prototyping of Automotive Electronics”
  • Horst Symanzki, Bosch Sensortech, “Consumer MEMS Products: Quality over Commodity”


  • Juergen Weyer, NXP,New Semiconductor strategies for self-driving cars”  
  • Hobson Bullman, ARM, “Design and Verification in ARM


  • Hans Adlkofer, Infineon, “Road To Self Driving Cars”


  • Bernd Adler, Intel, “Tomorrow’s smart mobile systems – by the power of 10”