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Perspective on 10 years DVCon Europe – Time Flies (when you are having DV fun)

Perspective on 10 years DVCon Europe – Time Flies (when you are having DV fun)

 dvcon-eu-23-conf-programIt was back in 2012, when the Accellera Systems Initiative, a standardization organization driving standards like SystemC, UVM and IP-XACT, explored the idea to bring the Design and Verification Conference, a well-established and recognized conference in the United States, to Europe.
First task was to form a team of volunteers to make a plan and answer some first questions like, why, where, when and how…

A team was formed in 2013, with engineers from Freescale, NXP, Intel, Infineon, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments, since these companies all recognized the benefits to start a DV-centric conference in Europe: An industry-centric conference where experts can meet and exchange experiences and best practices on design and verification for integrated circuits and embedded systems.

The name of this new conference was also a no-brainer: DVCon Europe. The location for the conference did require more study and exploration. Finally, Munich in Germany was selected because of many companies active in developing semiconductors or enabling electronic design automation (EDA) to develop integrated circuits and embedded systems are based in this region.

dvcon-eu-23-conf-imageThe call for papers and tutorials was announced early 2014, and the technical program committee received more than 100 abstracts! The first DVCon Europe conference was held in October 2014, covering 16 tutorials, 27 papers, 16 posters, a keynote and exhibition. Interesting detail: The conference program has not changed much over these years, with tutorials on the first day, technical papers at day 2, and the expo at both days. We enrichted the program with a second keynote and two panel sessions, to cover the broader industry perspective and trends.

We like to celebrate the 10th edition of DVCon Europe with you, the design and verification community of experts! For this special occasion, we are organizing a very special Anniversary Dinner with traditional food and beverages from the Bavarian region, along with an interactive program during this evening.

The DVCon Europe steering committee is looking forward to see you all at DVCon Europe 2023 and welcomes you at the celebration event!



Joachim Geishauser

DVCon Europe 2023 Anniversary Chair