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SystemC Evolution Day 2019 – Summary

Co-located with DVCon Europe, the 4th  SystemC Evolution Day  took place on Oct 31st 2019.  This was very special edition, not only because of Halloween, but because of the almost 70 System Level Modeling experts from across the world who participated. This full-day technical workshop focused on the evolution of SystemC standards to advance the SystemC ecosystem. 

Nine interactive technical presentations were held during the day, addressing current and future SystemC standardization topics. Many proposed features for inclusion in the Accellera/IEEE standard. The SystemC Evolution Day started with an Accellera standardization update highlighting the developments in the various SystemC Working Groups. This was followed by an inspiring opening talk by Martin Barnasconi, NXP, exploring the integration opportunities and challenges of the SystemC and Digital Twin eco system.  

The other presentations highlighted progress and challenges in simulation and kernel technology, covering topics such as parallel SystemC simulation, synchronization of multiple simulators and improvements for tracing.  In addition, model interoperability and transaction level modeling (TLM) were addressed: TLM extensions for buses, generic payload, and clock interfaces. Further topic areas covered model creation, high-level synthesis and model metrics, with presentations on model introspection, advanced assertion checking, and metrics to assess model correctness and completeness.  One of the highlights of this workshop was the presentation on “Pushing the Limits of Standard-Compliant Parallel SystemC Simulation”. Prof Doemer from University of California compared the progress made since his presentation during the inaugural of the SystemC Evolution Day in 2016.

Feedback about the event, from both audience and presenters, was very positive. The organizing committee of the SystemC Evolution Day would like to extend many thanks to all the authors and presenters, from: NXP, Intel, University of California, GreenSoCs, Circuitsutra, Bosch, and Ericsson. The quality of talks was extremely high. Also thanks are due to the organization team for their dedication to a high quality program and to the working group chairs for capturing the technical meeting minutes. The intention now is that the ideas captured during the day will be driven forward into the SystemC Working groups.

The presentations from SystemC Evolution Day 2019 are available: View the presentations from SystemC Evolution Day 2019

Mark your calendar: The SystemC Evolution Day 2020 will be co-located again with DVCon Europe and will be held on October 29th at the Holiday Inn in Munich, Germany.