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Thank you for attending DVCon Europe 2019!

At the transition from 2019 to 2020, I like to use this blog article to reflect back on our 6th edition of the DVCon Europe. Did it meet our expectations? And did it meet yours?

I was overwhelmed to discover that there were 20% more registrations this year, with attendees from 111 different companies in 32 countries. The number of exhibitors also increased this year to 27 from 22 last year. We’ve received overall good feedback on the DVCon Europe program quality, also for expanding the scope to include embedded software. I believe that this really honors the work the steering committee has put in over many months for the venue.  It has helped to convince us that we are providing the right content to address the challenges within today’s design and verification community.  

It’s not easy to meet the taste and expectations of all attendees, therefore I’m grateful for your constructive feedback which drives us to improve the program year over year.

We have tried to capture the good mood (and food!) of the conference in the form of pictures on the DVCon Europe webpage, so I encourage you to have a look at the webpage – though be aware that we are electronic engineers and not photographers! And if you have nice picture to share, just let us know. 

Our theme – ‘from engineers and for engineers’ – is still our underlying aim. Our ambition is to further strengthen the design and verification competences and communities in our industry, with DVCon Europe as one of the ‘must-go-to’ conferences on the continent, with strong technical content and presentations given by experts. Therefore, I want to encourage you to think of all the good things you work on and turn them into a paper for DVCon Europe 2020. It is always good to document your work, and hey, if you can turn it into a paper it is even better!

Again, I want to say personally and also in the name of the steering committee, thank you for attending DVCon Europe 2019 and we look forward to seeing you at DVCon Europe 2020:  27-28 October at the same location.

Joachim Geishauser

General Chair DVCon 2020