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DVCon Europe 2023 – 10th Anniversary Edition

The 2023 DVCon (Design and Verification) Europe conference took place on November 14 and 15, in the traditional location of the Holiday Inn Munich City Center. This was the 10th time the conference took place, serving as an excuse for a great anniversary dinner. Also new was the addition of a research track to provide academics publishing at […]

Perspective on 10 years DVCon Europe – Time Flies (when you are having DV fun)

Perspective on 10 years DVCon Europe – Time Flies (when you are having DV fun)  It was back in 2012, when the Accellera Systems Initiative, a standardization organization driving standards like SystemC, UVM and IP-XACT, explored the idea to bring the Design and Verification Conference, a well-established and recognized conference in the United States, to […]

Fill your boots

Introduction Sometimes in life we are presented with an opportunity, and someone tells us to make the most of it! Maybe it’s eating as much as you want in a restaurant or watching as many films as we’d like to. We have an expression you can use in this situation.

Keynote Speakers at the 10th edition of DVCon Europe

By Oliver Bell and Martin Barnasconi DVCon Europe has a great track record of presenting industry luminaries as keynote speakers, and for the 10th edition we will continue this excellent tradition. I remember very well the first phone call with Martin back in 2013 and the excitement that we were going to have the unique […]

The Proceedings from 2022 are Here!

As promised, the proceedings from DVCon Europe 2022 have now been posted at  https://dvcon-proceedings.org/choose-your-location/europe/. On the site you will find the papers, tutorials, keynotes, and panels from DVCon Europe 2022. Most papers are accompanied by the slides from their conference presentations. There are video recordings of the panels, keynotes, opening sessions, and closing sessions. Selecting […]

Highlights of DVCon EU 2022

This post presents some of the highlights we jotted down the paper while attending DVCon Europe 2022 (6-7 December, Munich). This was the first face-to-face edition after the pandemics and it showed: you could feel the energy, you could feel that people were happy to meet in person again.

A DVCon Europe 2022 Summary

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Jakob Engblom published his personal notes on DVCon Europe 2022 on his own blog. “The 2022 DVCon (Design and Verification) Europe conference was back in physical form at its usual venue at the Holiday Inn München. It was a great conference, and just like at the 2022 DAC people were very happy to be back […]

DVCon Europe 2022 Tutorials

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The program for tutorial day (6th December) for DVCon Europe has been finished now! We are looking forward to 15 tutorials reflecting advances in Design and Verification methodology from academic, user, and industrial viewpoints. This covers, as usual, a broad range of topics: From Accellera Working Group updates to industry proven best practices. Many tutorials […]

DVCon Europe 2022 Keynote Speakers

Dvconeu22 Attending Post

By Oliver Bell and Jakob Engblom The program for DVCon Europe 2022 is coming together. The paper presentations and tutorials are being finalized as we write this, but the keynotes are already set. DVCon Europe has a great track record of industrial speakers, and this year is no exception. There are two themes to the […]

Old bangers, New tricks…. Drive to DVCon Europe Live

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My ‘trusty stead’ ground to a halt the other day. It’s done me proud, but the garage mechanic said what I predicted he would say…    And so, to the delight of the whole family, we started looking for a new car.  The experience was a mixture between being in a sweet shop and feeling like […]