29 - 30 October, 2019

Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

Munich, Germany

Event Details

MP Associates, Inc.

TUESDAY October 17, 4:30pm - 5:30pm | Ballsaal

Intelligent Automation: How to Decide What to and What not to Automate?
Krishnapriya Chakiat Ramamoorthy - Infineon Technologies AG
We are in the era of automation explosion, and the semiconductor industry is at the forefront. While certain automation has given increased productivity and efficiency, could there be kinds of automation that has resulted in drop in productivity and team morale? Are there certain areas in the semiconductor industry, especially in the front end development where judicious care is required on what we automate and what we do not? The event aims to bring together experienced personnel in various phases of an IC development cycle, who have been involved in decision making roles to discuss and decide what aspects do we need to consider when we are faced with a decision to automate a process. Is every automation good? What are the trade offs and the risks involved. Are there certain flows or processes you would never automate, and why. Drawn from personal experiences with automation, the event will discuss the what to and what not to automate and equip the participants with the argumentation for every decision regarding automation they would face in future.

Yuanfen Zheng - Infineon Technologies AG
Joachim Geishauser - NXP Semiconductors
Gernot Koch - TDK Corp.
Ashish Darbari - OneSpin Solutions GmbH
Vincent Thibaut - Magillem Design Services