27 - 28 October, 2020

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THURSDAY October 25, 3:15pm - 4:45pm | Forum 4

Virtual Platforms and Visualization
Philipp A. Hartmann - Intel Corp.
Advanced Approaches based on Virtualization and Visualization.

9.1Same Bits, Different Meaning – When Direct Execution based Simulation Becomes Complicated
Intel® 64 architecture processors are constantly evolving, with new generations regularly introduced on the market. A new processor is usually backwards compatible and includes all the software-visible functionality of previous generations. This allows existing applications to run on new hardware without recompilation. However, the guarantee of compatibility can break in certain scenarios when software is running in a virtual machine. We discovered that certain machine instructions behave differently on past and present generations of Intel processors. We have developed new methods and tools in Wind River® Simics® to allow correct and fast execution across generations.
 Speaker: Evgeny Yulyugin - Intel Corp.
 Author: Evgeny Yulyugin - Intel Corp.
9.2Intelligent Virtual Platforms
Ericsson develops SystemC/TLM-based virtual platforms for digital ASICs and boards.The virtual platforms are used to accelerate software development in early project phases prior to board bring-up, but also in the continued development, for software regression testing. In this paper, we give an overview of recent developments where we add functionality to our virtual platforms, for monitoring the actual software execution, and for detecting problems in software. We have built prototypes for instrumentation and monitoring functionality that can detect problems with uninitialized data in software. We have also investigated how to detect problems with concurrency in software, such as data races that occur when more than one software process access shared data without synchronization. We think that such monitoring functionality can enable new use cases for virtual platforms, with diagnostics and error reports for detection and pinpointing of errors in software. Long term, this should lead to higher product software quality.
 Speaker: Ola Dahl - Ericsson
 Authors: Ola Dahl - Ericsson
Mikael Eriksson - Ericsson
Udayan Prabir Sinha - Ericsson
Daniel Haverås - Ericsson
9.3Enabling Visual Design Verification Analytics - From Prototype Visualizations to an Analytics Tool using the Unity Game Engine
The ever-increasing architectural complexity in contemporary ASIC projects turns Design Verification (DV) into a highly advanced endeavor. Pressing needs for short time-to-market has made automation a key solution in DV. However, recurring execution of large regression suites inevitably leads to challenging amounts of test results. Following the design science paradigm, we present an action research study to introduce visual analytics in a commercial ASIC project. We develop a cityscape visualization tool using the game engine Unity. Initial evaluations are promising, suggesting that the tool offers a novel approach to identify error-prone parts of the design, as well as coverage holes.
 Speaker: Daniel Hansson - Verifyter AB
 Authors: Markus Borg - Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Andreas Brytting - KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Daniel Hansson - Verifyter AB