27 - 28 October, 2020

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WEDNESDAY October 30, 15:15 - 16:45 | Forum 6

System Level Design
Karsten Einwich - COSEDA Technologies

11.1SysML Based Architecture Definition and Platform Generation Flow
The paper describes an automated flow to generate a virtual prototype in SystemC from a platform architecture description in SysML to support the development of systems with strong requirements on functional safety. It concentrates on the structural aspect of the architecture and not on behavioral aspects of individual components. IP-XACT is used as an intermediate format because it enables re-use of existing code generation tools on one hand, as well as re-use of the architecture description for further implementations, e.g. RTL. The flow is evaluated with an automotive battery management IC.
 Speaker: Ralph Görgen - NXP Semiconductors
 Authors: Ralph Görgen - NXP Semiconductors
Erwin de Kock - NXP Semiconductors
11.2Development of Flexi Performance Analysis Platform for Multi–SoC Networking Systems
One of the major challenges in cloud computing era of network connectivity is to create a powerful next generation local network hub that can connect, route and stream data concurrently across multiple devices through various WAN/LAN protocols. Architecting such a complex network system with multiple SoCs, demands the interlinking of non-deterministic dynamic dataflow patterns across different SoCs and guarantee the performance of the overall system at very early design phases. In this paper, we discuss in detail, a novel methodology to develop flexible platform for performance analysis of multi-soc networking systems and architectural exploration based on dynamic workload simulation in commercially available tool which is more realistic as compared to static analysis done using spreadsheets. We systematically explore architecture tradeoffs by specially focusing on interconnects in the system and DRAM memory configuration to optimize design complexity, chip-area, and BOM cost of board components which directly saves the over-all product cost.
 Speaker: Franz Josef - Intel Corp.
 Authors: Srinivasan Reddy Devarajan - Intel Corp.
Anant Raj Gupta - Intel Corp.
Ingo Volkening - Intel Corp.
Franz Josef - Intel Corp.
Vijay Raj Franklin - Intel Corp.
11.3A Mixed-Signal System Design Methodology using SystemC-AMS for Automotive Audio Power Amplifiers
This paper presents the first (to the best of our knowledge) System Design Methodology based on SystemC-AMS [1] for the development of Mixed-Signal Automotive Audio Power Amplifier ICs. The methodology is based on the Model-Based Design (MBD) philosophy and supports a smooth top-down design flow from System-Level down to Implementation and bottom-up verification flow from Implementation up to Acceptance Test. The methodology has been applied successfully to the design of a SystemC-AMS model of a state-of-the-art high-performance Audio Power Amplifier.
 Speaker: Skule Pramm - NXP Semiconductors
 Authors: Skule Pramm - NXP Semiconductors
Joen Westendorp - NXP Semiconductors
Quino Sandifort - NXP Semiconductors