27 - 28 October, 2020

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TUESDAY October 29, 16:00 - 17:30 | Forum 4

Tutorial 13: Solve Software Coding Challenges with Exciting New Drone Technology
Stephan Birman - AMIQ
Martin Barnasconi - NXP Semiconductors
Joachim Geishauser - NXP Semiconductors

HoverGames, an interactive and challenging coding competition, unites talented developers across the globe to address some of the biggest challenges facing society – by building on the HoverGames development platform for autonomous drones and rovers! Participants will confront universal issues like disaster management, health crises, environmental protection, wildlife conservation and more. 

This tutorial will introduce the NXP Drone Development Kit, which includes everything to build a flying robot. This drone isn’t a toy flyer, but a specialized hardware and software development platform based on PX4, the largest commercially deployed open source flight stack worldwide. The technology you learn to use in this tutorial is transferrable to real-world commercial applications because it uses off-the-shelf NXP products used in automotive and industrial applications. 

The first section of the tutorial will present the hardware of the drone itself and introduces the NXP board RDDRONE-FMUK66, the flight management unit (FMU) based on NXP’s Kinetis K66 microcontroller. In addition, the FMU board contains NXP sensors, automotive CAN bus transceivers, as well as the new two-wire automotive ethernet transceivers. 

The second part of the tutorial will explain the software eco-system using the Dronecode environment including PX4 software flight stack which will run on the Kinetis K66. The flight control software QGroundControl is explained, which is used to set up and configure the drone to make it ready to fly including mission planning. 

In the last part of the tutorial, a simple PX4 application example is created, and the audience is encouraged to perform some hands-on programming. It will explain the basic concepts and APIs required for app-development using PX4. The example uses the PX4 Software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulator and the PX4 source code and development toolchain from Github. For those who have a RDDRONE-FMUK66 or other PX4-compatible flight controller, the firmware can be uploaded to the board.T

This tutorial uses a preconfigured Ubuntu Linux virtual machine image, including the tools for editing, building and debugging software for the RDDRONE-FMUK66 and other HoverGames hardware. Attendees are encouraged to download and install this virtual machine prior to the start of this tutorial.


Learn more about the challenge on www.hovergames.com

Get the drone kit on www.nxp.com/hovergamesdrones

Download the HoverGames virtual machine on https://nxp.gitbook.io/hovergames/downloads

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