27 - 28 October, 2020

Virtual Conference

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MP Associates, Inc.

TUESDAY October 29, 16:00 - 17:30 | Forum 5

Tutorial 14: Safety and Security Aware Pre-Silicon Hardware/Software Co-Development
Joachim Geishauser - NXP Semiconductors

Nikola Velinov - Green Hills Software, LLC
Frank Schirrmeister - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Stephan Janouch - Green Hills Software, LLC

Simultaneously developing and testing both software and SoC designs before silicon is available can help to reduce the time and cost of building embedded devices. Merging the software and hardware development before silicon saves time and money by enabling to get the embedded product to market faster. This tutorial illustrates a new pre-silicon development process for concurrent SoC and software development and verification for safety and security critical systems, composed of a safety-certified RTOS and advanced C/C++ development tools that continuously support SoC verification from the earliest functional execution (through Virtual Prototyping), RTL simulation, emulation and FPGA prototype stages on the path to first silicon. The convergence of a traditional software development environment and a hardware development and verification platform brings more safety, security and verified reliability while establishing a more mature software enablement foundation for customers by the time they get their hands on first silicon.


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