27 - 28 October, 2020

Virtual Conference

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MP Associates, Inc.

TUESDAY October 29, 08:45 - 09:30 | Ballsaal
Keynote: Safe Computing at the Edge
Keynote Speaker:
Lars Reger - NXP Semiconductors

Advances in two areas have spurred the evolution of electronics in the last few years: connectivity on the one, storage and processing power of the cloud on the other. They were the starting point for manufacturers to make their devices smarter: from a wristwatch to a connected vehicle. Smarter than a stand-alone device could ever be, and in addition, capable of self-learning.

However, the cloud has reached its limits: to reliably monitor an entire production site or drive a fully autonomous car through traffic, processing all data in the cloud becomes simply too slow, too bandwidth-hungry, and too insecure as a single point of service. Therefore, edge computing is where the action is and will be, directly at the smart device.
Mastering edge computing with the right level of safety and security is critical to the deployment of artificial intelligence in the mass market. The Keynote from Lars Reger will explore the challenges on the route to an ever smarter, on-demand world. 

Biography: Lars Reger, Senior Vice President, is Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors. As CTO, Lars is responsible for managing new business activities and R&D in the focus markets of Automotive, Industry 4.0., Internet of Things, Mobile, and Connectivity & Infrastructure. NXP has the broadest processor portfolio for the Internet of Things and is the world's largest chip supplier to the automotive industry. NXP and its global team of experts drive the development of autonomous, securely connected vehicles and accelerate the introduction of smart and securely connected devices for the Internet of Things through its outstanding edge computing expertise. Before joining NXP, Lars gained deep insight into the microelectronics industry with a focus on the automotive sector. He began his career with Siemens Semiconductors as Product Engineer in 1997. His past roles at Infineon included Head of the Process and Product Engineering departments, Project Manager for Mobile System Chips, and Director of IP Management. Prior to joining NXP as CTO of the automotive division in 2008, he was responsible for business development and product management within the Connectivity Business Unit at Continental. In December 2018 Lars was appointed CTO and has since then been responsible for the overall technology portfolio of NXP.