27 - 28 October, 2020

Virtual Conference

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MP Associates, Inc.

WEDNESDAY October 30, 16:45 - 17:30 | Ballsaal

Panel: Applying the New Breed of Automotive Specific, Next-Generation Verification Technologies
Paul Dempsey - Tech Design Forum

The Automotive ISO 26262 standard specifies rigorous verification flows. To date, existing technologies have been used to meet this challenge. This is evolving as verification tools and methodologies, such as formal verification, portable stimulus, accelerated fault simulation and Electronic System Level (ESL), drive next-generation automotive verification.

A safety-critical verification flow meets requirements set by functional safety standards such as ISO 26262, defining a design and verification process for safety-critical hardware projects and setting rules for a design’s robustness. Applying these standards using traditional tools adds months onto a typical development flow, while still not delivering to these exacting requirements. Companies are innovating with automotive safety as a consideration, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and abstract methodologies to accelerate and increase the quality of automotive flows.

Formal verification, Portable Stimulus, tools for system optimization and next-generation fault analysis are examples of these new approaches that make sense in the ISO 26262 world. Methodology evolutions, including a shift to ESL, also help. This panel will examine these techniques and their use today in leading automotive flows and consider the most effective approaches.

Attendees can expect a lively panel about technologies and advanced systems available to meet the stringent safety-critical industry standards. They will attempt to identify what’s lacking for thorough verification, no matter what the application. 

Jamil Mazzawi - Optima Design Automation
Bill Bunton - Intel Corp.
Dr. Ashish Darbari - Axiomise Ltd.
Dave Kelf - Breker Verification Systems, Inc.