Generation of (at least) UVM Register Models from IP-Xact Using Model Driven SW Techniques

The tutorial will be a mixture of normal presentation and an ongoing demo/live example to support the presentation.
The topic is "code generation" which is a well-known discipline but done in a more sophisticated way to ease maintenance and re-usability. This is obtained by leveraging from EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework) and utilizing this framework to build a proper model driven SW flow showing the benefits.

The tutorial will contain 5 sections:

1. Introduction to model driven SW development

2. Introduction to EMF

3. Presentation of the example/demo

4. Demo/example

5. Conclusions/Extensions

The example will use generation of UVM register models from IP-Xact specifications as a driver and each step in the development cycle will be presented and shown live on the screen.
Additionally, how to generate other register formats will also be shown in the demo.
Finally, the tutorial will be ending with information about how model driven SW techniques with EMF can be deployed in other aspects of the ASIC development cycle.

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Forum 7
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Monday, October 16, 2017 -
09:30 to 11:00
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