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Keynote Speaker: Axel Jahnke

Axel Jahnke

Axel Jahnke

Challenges in Soc Verification for 5G and Beyond

Axel Jahnke joined Nokia in 2020 to help with the turnaround of the Nokia SOC. He is now responsible for the L1 ASIC tribe with teams in Tampere, Oulu and Lannion and developing L1 SOCs for base stations for 5G and beyond. Prior to that he worked mainly in R&D positions in companies such as Infineon and Intel, and in design services companies like Wipro and Sondrel; also spending some time at small startups in optical networking and wireless communications.

Abstract: The complexity of chips for basestations for 5G and beyond is driving verification challenges. We will discuss some of the approaches to overcome the challenges and will also talk about the support which is needed from the EDA suppliers.