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Keynote Speaker: Philippe Notton

Energy-efficient High Performance Compute, at the heart of Europe


Philippe Notton, SiPearl

Bio: Philippe Notton is the CEO and founder of SiPearl, the French company building the world’s first energy-efficient HPC-dedicated microprocessor designed to work with any third-party accelerator (GPU, artificial intelligence, quantum). 

As a senior executive, Philippe Notton has an outstanding track-record in the multimedia, semiconductor and security fields. Passionate about high technology and fast-moving environments, he has worked in France, the UK and the US for market-leading groups (Thomson, Canal+, LSI Logic, STMicroelectronics, Atos), as well as a successful startup (MStar Semiconductor, sold to MediaTek in 2012 for US$4B).

Philippe Notton is a Supélec engineer (1993) and has an Executive MBA from ESSEC & Mannheim (2008).

Abstract:  Today supercomputers are essential for meeting Europe major scientific industrial and societal challenges. But Europe is lagging behind in terms of supercomputing equipment. What’s more, 100% of the microprocessor powering European supercomputers are non-European. This lack of sovereign technology has serious implications in highly strategic markets. To tackle this problem, Europe has launched EuroHPC JU and the European Processor Initiative (EPI). With a great success. In this talk, we will showcase how SiPearl -the private company born inside the EPI- is building the energy-efficient HPC dedicated microprocessor that will power Europe exascale supercomputers. We will particularly highlight SiPearl first generation microprocessor Rhea and how it will achieve its target to halve power consumption for the equivalent computing power. Thus, Rhea will contribute to meet strategic challenges for Europe while dramatically reducing the environmental footprint of supercomputing.