Next Generation ISO 26262-based Design Reliability Flows

Design and verification flows for safety critical designs, such as automotive ISO 26262 regulated development, continue to be enhanced using new techniques and technologies. These solutions have the potential to improve the reliability of designs for many applications and, as such, all engineers can learn from advancements in this area. Formal-based fault analysis and safety synthesis have emerged as key techniques for ultra reliable design development, and this tutorial will demonstrate a practical, proven flow leveraging these tools.

OneSpin Solutions and Austemper Design Systems have teamed up to produce this detailed tutorial, which demonstrates a complete safety development process, providing valuable information for any engineer adopting these techniques. The tutorial will consist of the following flows:

• Diagnostic coverage will be formally measured on a key IP block
• Safety mechanisms will be synthesized into the block

• The safety mechanism will be verified using various techniques, including formal fault injection.

• Formal diagnostic coverage will be rerun to show improvement

• Fault simulation will be discussed
• Formal Fault Propagation analysis will also be discussed to accelerate the Fault Sim process.

At all stages of the tutorial, the techniques and methodology steps will be explained, as well as their application on various design styles.

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Forum 4
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Monday, October 16, 2017 -
14:00 to 15:30
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