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Panel: “All AI All the Time” Poses New Challenges for Traditional Verification

AI, including generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT, are straining data centers, hyperscalers and cloud computing, all the while optimizing and accelerating processes and creating new challenges for traditional verification technologies.

Verification tools have had some form of in-built intelligence for many years that would not be highlighted in any data sheet or whitepaper. Verification tool providers are now attempting to offer AI and machine learning capabilities within their functional verification solutions to improve performance and productivity, though questions remain on whether results are impressive enough to meet assumptions about current and future capabilities.

A panel that includes verification experts and vendors will attempt to determine how to best utilize AI/ML for functional verification and consider whether AI/ML-based verification tools will be able to keep up with the growing AI architecture design needs.

Attendees should be prepared for a discussion that addresses how the verification community will manage the emerging world of “All AI All the Time.”

Audience participation will be encouraged.


  • Paul Dempsey, Editor in Chief, Tech Design Forum


  • Jean-Marie Brunet, Vice President and General Manager, Hardware-Assisted Verification, Siemens
  • Micheala Blott, Senior Fellow, AMD
  • Daniel Schostak, Arm Architect and Fellow, Verification, Arm
  • Lu Dai, Senior Director of Engineering, Qualcomm

Panel All Ai All The Time