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Andreas Riexinger

Bosch | OpenADx

The Mobility of the Future is Software defined – Can Open Technologies help?

Our world is changing, and the change is visible everywhere. More than 50% of the population is living in cities and the cities are growing. More and more goods and people need to be transported, bringing the traffic infrastructure to its limits. Increasing pollution and noise levels bringing the environment to its limits.

To counter this, a transformation of the mobility is needed, who has already started, powered by new technologies and services. The mobility of the future will be electrified, connected, personalized, automated and software defined.

Software is more and more dominating our daily life, also in the automotive world. Almost every function in the vehicle is defined by software. Autonomous Driving solutions introduces a new complexity into the development of embedded systems in the vehicle. This complexity rises with each level of control and autonomy of the automated driving systems and you need deeper expertise and more software. Software is more and more becoming an important differentiator for autonomous vehicles.

Increasing embedded software complexity with an increase in level of automation is putting new demands on the existing tools, frameworks, software stacks and standards. Instead of solving these challenges alone, partnering in non-differentiating areas and collaborating is the path forward.

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About Andreas Riexinger

Since end of 2016, Andreas Riexinger is driving the Bosch autonomous driving solutions as a product manager automated driving for the Robert Bosch GmbH. He worked in different areas for the Robert Bosch GmbH for over 20 years, in which he has collected experience in the development of embedded software and management of IT projects.

Since the foundation of the OpenADx Eclipse Working Group in June 2019, he is also their speaker.