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Rashid Attar

Vice President, Engineering Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

5G, AI And Compute Platform Innovations For What’s Next

This keynote will explore some of the most compelling platform innovations in our industry – 5G to connect virtually everyone and everything, AI do so intelligently, Edge Computing to enable the right level of AI and compute where it makes most sense, and the synergy among them. 5G, AI and Edge Computing are not only synergistic but also advances in one enable further advances in the other two. We will study examples of how this synergy will affect virtually everything we use – our smartphones, our cars and transportation systems, our energy grid, healthcare, and new products such as XR headsets, all while preserving our privacy, minimizing energy consumption and improving our user experience. We will also examine how these platform innovations enable the ‘next’ user interface to enhance a spectrum product segments with an exploration of boundless XR. Lastly, we will address how we can meet the energy demands due to AI and Compute and conclude with desired advances in Silicon and Design technologies to continue fueling our platform innovations.
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About Rashid Attar

Rashid Attar is head of the ASIC/HW R&D department (for Qualcomm’s Corporate Research and Development division) which focuses on 5G and beyond RF (ICs, PAs, Algorithms, Interfaces, Packaging), Ultra-low power platform for always ON processors, Processors and Accelerators (CPU, Deep Learning Accelerators) and Antenna systems with sites in US, Asia and Europe.

He is also Head of Engineering for Qualcomm’s Cloud/Edge AI Inference Accelerator program.

Previously he founded and led the Qualcomm’s R&D program on ultra-low power research on SoC architectures, near and sub-threshold processing, advanced memories, low-power power management, advanced packaging and miniaturization, and low-power software with a focus on wearables and IoT applications.

Rashid joined Qualcomm in 1996 where he was first engaged in integration of CDMA-based cellular voice systems. Since 1998 Rashid has contributed to many aspects of design, standards, commercialization and products (Base Station and Mobile Station modems) for 1xEV-DO (CDMA-based high speed cellular data) and 1x-Advanced (enhancements to CDMA-based voice systems), and cellular m2m communications. He was Project Engineer for Qualcomm R&D efforts in CDMA2000 from 2008-2013 and was the cdma2000 modem systems engineering lead in Qualcomm’s chipset division (QCT) from 2010 through 2013. Both 1xEV-DO and 1x-Adv systems achieved very large-scale deployments in major markets. In addition, he contributed to the design and productization for Qualcomm’s WCDMA products in 2012-2013.

Rashid obtained his MSEE from Syracuse University in 1996 and his BE in Electronics from Bombay University in 1994.

Rashid holds nearly 200 US patents and has published several papers.