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SysML v2: An overview with demonstration

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph Grimm, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Abstract: SysML and UML are popular modeling languages that allow us to model requirements and to specify systems at a very high level.

Currently, standardization efforts target a complete refresh of SysML: SysML v2.

SysML v2 provides a new metamodel: KerML which is the basis for definition of SysML v2, but as well domain-specific languages and interoperability.

Furthermore, SysML v2 now also features a very powerful textual modeling language (SysML textual representation).

Finally, the standard defines a REST API that is basis for model and data exchange between tools via the web.

This tutorial gives an overview of SysML v2 and covers the following aspects:

              – Overview of the SysML v2 eco-system

              – KerML, the Metamodel

              – SysML v2 textual

              – The REST API for model exchange

              – New applications, use-cases, and demonstration

              – Outlook