27 - 28 October, 2020

Virtual Conference

Welcome Message From The General Chair

Welcome Message From The General Chair

A warm welcome to DVCon Europe 2020! 

I am very pleased to welcome you to DVCon Europe 2020!  This seventh edition of our well-established and expanding event centered around Design and Verification is indeed special - this year the venue is online and thus virtual!

As the steering team is driven by engineers, our aim is to provide attendees with a similar experience to a real-life conference, by introducing technologies such as virtual reality and 3D rendered venues. The experience will be different from attending a regular online conference, where you sit in front of your computer watching video streams with some verbal interaction, because  we are introducing a 3D world where you ‘walk around’, listen in to some of the discussions in the hallways or have a talk to somebody at a (virtual) coffee machine.

The setup of this 3D virtual world was an interesting exercise. Despite the fact that there are many exciting interactive 3D games out there, there are a limited number of platforms that support virtual conferences in 3D. In the end we selected open source technology to extend our online conference with some novel virtual reality experience. This new challenge also showed that the steering team is assembled from true engineers, who like to explore new things, following the theme “from users for users”.

Considering the overall virtual conference setup, the risk assessment on a 3D-only setup showed weaknesses and thus, in order not to put the conference in danger, a parallel setup was chosen. This means the papers, keynotes, panels and tutorial tracks run in a web-based framework and the virtual 3D world is running in parallel for the networking aspects and chats during the coffee breaks – we did not want to put the valuable work of our authors and presenters at any potential risk!

We hope the format will excite attendees (in the same way the steering team got excited) and will allow us to further expand the DVCon Europe family. We are proud that we have achieved this, together with you!

On the program side, a web-based setup allowed us to get more variety into the program by, for example, showcasing four key notes instead of two. We are proud that the DVCon Europe 2020 program hosts four luminary industry speakers from ARM, Intel, Veriest and Volkswagen, providing their perspectives on the digital transformation our industry is facing. This digital transformation continues to gain momentum and is changing our daily lives, changing the way we work, collaborate, communicate and commute. 

As a common theme across the keynotes you will hear about how to develop and verify exciting new products, combining innovative hardware and software architectures.  This requires unprecedent parallel hardware and software development, with a close interaction between the teams. The keynote speakers will be sharing their insights into the adoption of new methodologies and verification approaches and will discuss how the formerly separated disciplines of hardware and software are adapting to a new ‘system thinking’.

Beside the keynotes, the 7th edition of  DVCon Europe again offers a fully packed two day technical program including tutorials, panels, posters, papers, and an attractive virtual 3D world to enable networking and interaction.

The SystemC Evolution Day is using the same framework as DVCon Europe, and thus is virtually co-located this year. The SystemC Evolution Day will happen one day after the DVCon Europe conference and will extend the topics into the SystemC space. More details can be found at the Accellera website.

The DVCon Europe steering committee and Accellera wish you a warm welcome at the virtual venue and an enjoyable DVCon Europe 2020!

Joachim Geishauser DVCon Europe 2020 General Chair